The violence unleashed in central Kabul on Monday . A car bomb first exploded, and gunmen attacked a logistics building of the Ministry of Defense in the targeted neighborhood. The toll of casualties has steadily increased, and now stands at least one dead and 93 wounded, including a large number of children . According to the education authorities, five schools in this area of ​​the Afghan capital were damaged by the explosion, and some fifty schoolchildren were hit , including shards of glass; their days are not in danger, reassured the health services.

Here is the location of the attacks on a map made by Agence France-Press:

The attack and attack, ultimately claimed by Taliban fundamentalists, took place during rush hour in the streets of Kabul. Military buildings are located in the area where there is an exchange of gunfire, as well as the premises of the Afghan football and cricket federations . “A huge explosion occurred near the portal of the federation,” said a spokesman for the federation of football. “Some of our colleagues were inside”.

The Afghan private television channel TOLOnews has published the photo below that shows the injuries of officials of this football federation: