James Hetfield, the lead singer of the rock band Metallica, is playing in a movie for the first time. The singer will be shown in Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil and Vile, a film about the life of serial killer Ted Bundy.


Hetfield will be shown alongside Zac Efron, who plays the role of Bundy, reports  Rolling Stone .

The singer plays traffic cop Bob Hayward, who kept Bundy in his car in 1975. During that arrest, he discovered burglar gear in the criminal’s car and suspected that this tool was being used for more obscure purposes than just for burglaries. He then took Bundy into custody.


The 54-year-old Metallica foreman previously cooperated in various series and films, including the Showtime series Billions . In this he was always to be seen as himself, or he spoke a voice of an animation character.


This is the first time that he will be shown in a cinema film. He previously worked with Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil and Vile director Joe Berlinger on the Metallica documentary Some kind of Monster. “I spent hundreds of hours with James and the rest of Metallica,” Berlinger said in a statement.

“Because of this, I have been able to experience his charisma and powerful appearance up close, so it seems to me that he can also credibly convey this in a dramatic role.”

In addition to Hetfield and Efron, Lily Collins, Jim Parsons and John Malkovich can also be seen. It is not yet known when the film, which is currently recorded, can be seen in the cinema.

Bundy certainly murdered thirty young women in the 1970s and abused a number of them before and after their death.