The actor’s wife protects journalists and their legal right to freedom of the press.

Meryl Streep, 71, will show her support for publicity by presenting the Amal Clooney award at the prestigious International Press Freedom Awards on November 19. The event will feature the work of this year’s laureates, including four journalists from Bangladesh, Iran, Nigeria and Russia who have been arrested or prosecuted for their work

Streep will talk during a virtual meeting about Clooney’s work as a lawyer for many journalists under investigation.

“In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s the journalists who gather the facts and try to help us figure this out,” Streep said, thanking the honor committee for the honor. Reporters are important workers, she said, as they “serve the community and defend democracy.”

Amal will also be interviewed by reporter Maria Ressa. The lawyer previously defended Ressa when she was harassed in her native Philippines for reporting government corruption.

It is noted that Clooney is engaged in the defense of freedom of speech, and therefore journalism, within the Clooney Justice Foundation. The human rights activist helps clients who are in trouble for free, defending their interests.