Lashana Lynch, who plays a secret agent in No Time To Die who takes over the title 007 from the exiled James Bond, only wanted to take the role if she could give the character recognition. In conversation with Harper’s Bazaar , the actress says that she wants black people to see their life experiences on the silver screen.

Lynch says she had reservations about taking the role because she feared it would be a character who would be in Bond’s shadow. After talking to producer Barbara Broccoli, she understood that this was not the intention.

With her role, the actress wants to give a true picture of what it means to be a black woman. “A character that is too slick is the opposite of what I stand for. I didn’t want to ruin an opportunity when it comes to what Nomi (her character, ed.) Can stand for,” said Lynch.

“I looked for at least one moment in the script where black people who see the movie would nod in agreement as their real life is represented. In every project I do, regardless of budget or genre, I want the black experience. Display 100 percent authentic. “

When the news that Lynch would play the 007 agent as a black woman came out in April 2019, many negative reactions followed. “The same would have happened to any other black actress. Same attacks and name calling. I have to remind myself that the conversation is on and that I am part of something revolutionary.”

Daniel Craig takes the role of James Bond for the fifth and final time in No Time To Die . It is not yet clear who will succeed him as the secret agent. No Time To Die has been postponed several times due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The film is now scheduled for release April 2, 2021.