In a new shock interview given to the tabloid The Sun, Thomas Markle, the father of the new Duchess of Sussex, continues to comment on her daughter’s new life and to attack the royal family. This may not work out between the father and the daughter.

Thomas Markle, 74, is still being talked about. In a new interview with The Sun, the father of the former actress’ duchess now compares the royal family to a sect. “If they hear someone say something, they just lock the doors. They must speak! They are like a sect – like Scientology – because they keep secrets. They close the door, draw the curtains and plug their ears so they do not have to listen. “

According to Meghan Markle’s father, the royal family would keep secrets and use codes similar to those of Scientology. ”  But you can not ask them because they will not answer  ,” he added.