Meghan Markle (37) had to fight tears yesterday when she saw a performance by British singer Alfie Boe (45). The tenor performed at Westminster Abbey in London on the occasion of Commonwealth Day.

Traditionally, the British celebrate the second Monday of March ‘Commonwealth Day’. That is the holiday for the 53 countries that are part of the commonwealth. That day is just as traditionally celebrated with a service and a number of performances at Westminster Abbey, the church in central London where coronations and funerals of members of the British royal houses also take place.

Meghan Markle, who was eight months pregnant, was also invited with her husband Harry (34). The British BBC reported directly on the festivities and the images showed how Meghan was visibly emotional by a performance by the British tenor Alfie Boe, who released a unique version of ‘Run’ by the British band ‘Snow Patrol’ . Meghan was just able to shed her tears. There were also performances by Clean Bandit and the B Positive choir.

Victoria Beckham

Not only Meghan and Harry decorated the ceremony, but also Queen Elisabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate were present. For the occasion, Meghan was dressed head to toe in a Victoria Beckham design. Her sister-in-law Kate opted for a Catherine Walker ensemble with a red dress and skin-colored heels.

Photo BBC News Alfie Boe sings ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol