The protagonist of Hollywood action movies off-screen is an exemplary father and patient teacher. So, a few hours ago, the paparazzi managed to photograph Jason Statham during classes with his son – the actor taught the boy to ride a scooter.

The star of the Fast & Furious franchise and the movie “Mechanic” has a special interest in vehicles. In the garage of Jason Statham as many as eight luxury cars, and he himself can easily drive that bike, that on a sports car.Driving skills actor is gradually divided with the one-and-a-half-year-old son. True, I decided to start with vehicles “simpler”. Not so long ago, while walking with his parents, Jack Oscar Statham taxied on a  toy car , and now, with the filing of his father, took up the scooter. 

Judging from the photographs of the paparazzi, the boy liked the new way of transportation and he quickly mastered the new vehicle. By the way, the mother of the boy, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, was not with them: she was at that time at a business meeting in Beverly Hills.