Today, 38-year-old Meghan Markle and 35-year-old Prince Harry visited the Poppy Memorial Field at Westminster Abbey and paid tribute to the fallen in World War I. Together with them, the 72-year-old Duchess of Cornwall Camilla was to take part in the commemorative action, however, due to her health, she had to miss this event.

In public, the Duchess of Sussex appeared in a black coat with a poppy brooch, a symbol of the memory of the victims of World War I, leather boots, gloves and a dark blue hat, and Prince Harry was dressed in a traditional military dress uniform.

Megan and Harry, who met with families of soldiers yesterday at the Broom Farm Community Center in Windsor, will lay a memorial cross on the field and also take part in a moment of silence.

The next official release of the pair will take place this weekend. On Saturday, they will attend the annual Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, and on Sunday they will go to Sunday service in Cenotaph. Interestingly, both events will also be attended by Kate Middleton and Prince William, with whom, according to rumors, the Dukes of Sussex do not get along very well . The last time they all appeared together in public at the baptism of Meghan’s son Markle and Prince Harry Archie in July. However, as the sacrament of the church took place in private, the public could only see the official photos , presented the royal family a few hours after the ceremony.