And a new meeting with those who will save the world from superheroes is not so long to wait.

What will happen if superheroes do not want to stand up for the protection of ordinary people, and instead think only about fame and fortune? Nothing good will definitely come of it, and the series “The Boys” clearly showed this. The show suddenly became the hit of the streaming service Amazon and has already entered the list of the best movie adaptations of all time.

The premiere of the first season sparked an incredible interest in the character of Karl Urban, Billy Butcher, who is trying to restore order in a world mired in the atrocities of the so-called superheroes.

And so the actor posted a snapshot on his Instagram account that marked the end of filming of the second season. Urban announced that fans will be able to see the sequel to the The Boys on Amazon Prime Video in mid-2020, and warmly thanked the entire crew.

Fans of the actor reacted violently to the news, literally overwhelming him with comments, the general essence of which boils down to the phrase “we look forward to”. Also, Urban and his colleagues wished to have a good rest after filming the second season and spend more time with his family.

The first season of “The Boys” consisted of 8 episodes and was shown in July this year, so it is logical to assume that the continuation of the series will also be released in the summer, all the more this corresponds to the time frame called Urban.