The Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrated the day by donating food to The Mission Continues.

The Dukes of Sussex wanted to commemorate in a very special way Martin Luther King Day, which is celebrated in the United States, by making food donations to The Mission Continues association.

This group recruits war veterans and former soldiers, who carry out solidarity work in the Compton community, outside Los Angeles, some of those tasks genuinely considered feats, which have been increased due to the economic crisis and the pandemic.

Meghan and Harry have found a service to deliver food to the members of this organization, and they expressed through a statement: “Thank you very much for your service today and always. We hope to see you again soon. In honor of this day of service and in recognition of Dr Martin Luther King and for all that he fought for, we thank the entire team of ‘The Mission Continues’, we are proud of all that you do for the community and we hope Enjoy this little token of our appreciation. “