Jared Leto’s two full seconds.

Director David Eyre continues to share footage from Suicide Squad. This time, the director posted a cut out excerpt with the Joker in Instagram stories, the duration of which is only two seconds. What he meant by this is unknown; Most likely, Eyre is thus agitating the audience to the calls of the director’s cut of The Squad, as Zack Snyder had successfully done with Justice League earlier.

It has long been no secret that, due to the intervention of the past management of Warner Bros. the storyline with the Joker was almost completely cut out of the film comic Eyre, which was extremely displeasing to the audience. David has repeatedly said that he has a “draft” version of the tape, which is much better than the theatrical version. With the proper desire of the fan base and Warner’s interest, he will be ready to finalize it.

Last year, in one of the Variety podcasts, the director was supported by Jared Leto, who suffered the most from the “shortened” editing:

“I want him to work on it and put out his dream movie. When you shoot a movie like this, it’s hard because time is always running out. Many important decisions need to be made in a short period of time. In general, I take off my hat to directors, producers and studios. This is really tricky. Nothing is ever perfect. It’s all like a race to try to do your best in a limited time. ”

In August this year, the sequel to “Suicide Squad” directed by the creator of “Guardians of the Galaxy” James Gunn will be released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. The Joker won’t be in it, but the Dallas Buyers Club star character will appear in the director’s cut of Justice League by Zach Snyder, slated for March.