The media have previously discussed the possible tour of Prince Harry and Megan Markl in South Africa. Finally, this information was confirmed in the official Instagram account of the Dukes of Sussex. As the representatives of the spouses said, for Megan, Harry and Archie, this will be their first family trip.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pleased to announce that they were asked to go on a tour of South Africa this fall. This request was made to them by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Affairs. The duke will visit Malawi and Angola, and will also make a short visit to Botswana on the way to other countries, ”the official page of the spouses says.

In the comments, subscribers Megan and Harry expressed enthusiasm for the first family tour, wished the spouses a good trip and asked to share their photos as often as possible. Also, almost none of the users began to find fault with the too young age Archie Harrison. “Let’s not judge them because of Archie’s trip to Africa.” If forgotten, William went with Princess Diana to Australia, being not much older. Diana wanted her son to be with her, and so do Harry and Megan. Well, well done! ”- wrote one of the fans of the couple.