After her recent breakup, the catwoman Camila Cabello had to defend her ex-companion. Attacked by the star’s millions of fans, she asked to be left alone.

A few days ago, singer Camila Cabello and British life coach Matthew Hussey announced their separation after a year and a half of relationship . Since the announcement of their breakup, there has been a surge of hate messages against the life coach.

Havana interpreter asks her fans to calm down

According to many of the singer’s fans, the 32-year-old man is responsible for the breakup and would have broken his heart.

A situation that does not please the star and she made it known. In an Instagram story, Camila Cabello asked her 34 million subscribers to stop harassing her ex-boyfriend. It was in a long message that she asked to be left alone.

To my fans, if you love me, please do not send hurtful remarks to people I love and who counts for me. The fact that you do it hurts me a lot. There is a real person behind your tweets. To send hatred is not fun and it causes us all pain.

Please be kind, compassionate and respectful. I know you love me, but those who do that do not respect what is sacred in my life.

I will really appreciate that you delete all the nasty comments you have sent, and please leave it alone.

It is not only this surge of hate that draws attention to this break, there is also the rumor of an idyll birth with another singer, Shawn Mendes . And the clip Señorita  in which we can see two young stars very close does nothing to fix things. Would they be together? Case to follow …