Identifying masterpieces is an easy art, based on two basic factors: the presence of giant sharks and Jason Statham. Two essential ingredients that makeup Meg.

We can not pay enough homage to Steve Alten, brilliant novelist, author of a saga of texts fulgurants, based on megalodons, namely large prehistoric giant sharks, and heroes or sick, able to get in the sharks to kick them like savages. In short, very heavy.


O joy, a Hollywood adaptation, entitled Meg , is scheduled for the month of August 2018, and its casting sends us already a dream. So think :  Jason Statham and his big paws on one side,  Ruby Rose , still in good nanars shots on the other. And in the category of scientists trapped in their submarine by the shark come from the depths of ages, we find (probably)  Cliff Curtis  and  Rainn Wilson, ready to be devoured in a tornado tripe.

And because it’s a little everyday Christmas (no, but hey, we’re paid by the word, so …), we take the opportunity to announce that a first trailer of Meg , future masterpiece so , should land during the first half of April 2018. And because we are not dogs, we share with you a picture of the cast.

It’s beautiful, everyone smiles, and it looks like the filming went incredibly well.