EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Jolie smiles as reports say the 42 year old Oscar-winning actresses has been dating a real state agent, Angelina was seen arriving to a martial arts class along side daughter Vivienne Jolie Pitt.

Pictured: Angelina Jolie, Vivienne Jolie Pitt Ref: SPL1676209 270318 EXCLUSIVE
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The life of 42-year-old Angelina Jolie invariably causes the increased interest of the media, and after the news about the changes in the personal life of the actress, he only increased. Today, many discussed the insider’s message about the new movie star’s boyfriend. If you believe this information, she meets with a real estate agent, living, like her, in Los Angeles.

Paparazzi even more closely followed the movements of Jolie, and today they managed to take a few pictures. Photographed a new fan of Angelina, they failed, but in the frame came her nine-year-old daughter Vivienne.

The actress took the child after training at the martial arts school. The youngest daughter Pitt and Jolie was dressed in white sports pants for practicing martial arts and a dark green T-shirt. And the girl’s mother remained faithful to the black color, which often prefers in everyday life.