It looks a little strange.

Kate Beckinsale is known for her funny posts on Instagram, the heroes of which are often her pets. The other day she shared a strange video in which she appeared with a cat in pants.

In the video, the actress lies on the carpet and talks to her pet, which is resting on her stomach, half hidden in Beckinsale’s pants. “Maybe we crossed the line?” – says Kate to the cat. At this time, the actress’s dog is watching the couple from the couch.

At the end of the video, the cat suddenly wiggled its tail in its owner’s pants, and Kate shouted: “Tail! Tail! Tail!”

Some of Kate’s subscribers found the video funny and innocent, others – strange, and some found the video very spicy. Witty users hinted to the actress that “it is not necessary to put a cat in your pants – you can find a boyfriend.”

Fans often remind the actress that it is time for her to arrange her personal life and start a relationship with a peer (recently, 47-year-old Kate has had affairs with young guys). However, the actress boldly responds to the advisers. So, under one of her videos, a user asked the question: “Do you still date guys who are good for your sons?” Kate sarcastically replied, “All my relationship is solely to piss you off.”

Another subscriber continued the topic: “Are you married, Kate?” To which the actress replied: “Yes, for the cat.”

Previously, Kate posted other videos with her cat – she used it as a “dough” for pizza and performed a pair dance with him.