Brown shared a photo of himself posing on the tank top in front of his house.

Chris Brown has revealed that Kanye West has gifted him a luxury tank car.

The 31-year-old singer on Tuesday shared a photo of himself posing on top of the tank in front of his home.

Chris claimed the truck was a gift from none other than Kanye, 43, when he captioned the photo: ‘THANK YOU KANYE ❤ @kanyewest ‘.

Although Chris disabled comments on the post, it was reposted on other social media sites and some users speculate that the two men know something that other people don’t.

One user wrote, “They’re preparing for something we have no idea about,” while another said, “Kanye clearly knows something that we don’t.”

YouTuber GotDamnZo wrote, ‘Chris, promise to pick me up whenever whatever happens,’ while someone else joked, ‘Do you know something we don’t?’

TMZ reports that the giveaway is worth around US $ 120,000 and was to recognize “20 years in the singer industry, where he has overcome many obstacles and hurdles.”