Actor Matt Damon sees it as a good idea to direct films. The actor is currently working on a film about Robert Kennedy as a producer and is considering taking over the direction.

There was already a directing debut, but due to circumstances that did not happen, says Damon in De Telegraaf. “I’ve already been on the verge of doing it twice, at” Promised Land “and at” Manchester by the Sea “. Only I always got stuck by other film obligations. “

Damon has worked as an actor with many different directors, among whom Steven Spielberg. He sees this as one of his examples. “Van Spielberg taught me that you do not have time to doubt yourself as a director while you are running. You have to know exactly what you want to tell and how you want to fit all those separate scenes together. Because when a production is in full swing, a single shooting day can cost half a million. Filming is then as if you put money on fire. “