Lovers of wrestling, video games and movies featuring wrestlers playing video game characters, you’ll go crazy. 

Indeed, the wrestler, comedian and invisible man John Cena is currently in talks to put on the sunglasses of a cult gaming character of the 90s: Duke Nukem.

Although the comedic potential is great (Cena is still funny and the game was just as much … when it was not sexist, of course), The Hollywood Reporter reports that the film could be produced by Platinum Dunes, a production studio led by Michael Bay who specializes in horror movies.

We could therefore be entitled to a “dark” or even “serious” film about Duke Nukem … which would be even more hilarious.

Oh, and speaking of Platinum Dunes, the box is also working on an adaptation of the cartoon Dora The Explorer to be released in 2019. “Seal wadding”, indeed.

And you? Are you eager?