Matt Damon promises to shut up now ….

Matt Damon should not bring her back too much in terms of sexual harassment. A few weeks after the remarks that are rather badly spent, it will not miss an opportunity to remain silent. During a televised interview relayed by CNN, the actor made amends.


“Many of these women are my friends and I love them, respect them and support what they do. I want to take part in this change and accompany this movement, but I should stay on the back beach and close my mouth for a moment. ”

Red card

A month ago, Matt Damon did not hesitate to comment on the charges against Louis CK, willingly downplaying the scope of the case. “There is a difference between, you know, a hand on the buttocks and rape or touching on a minor, okay? ” Red card !


The #MeToo movement was quick to make the actor understand that he had to go back over his words if he did not want to be dragged into the mud. Matt Damon had therefore apologized flatly, saying he would have liked to be more attentive and did not want to hurt anyone.