The creator of Super Smash Bros could stay in control if Ultimate is a success.

Nintendo fans know only too well Masahiro Sakurai. This is the origin of the character Kirby but especially the license Super Smash Bros. A license that has been expanded over time, consoles and episodes for more episodes but mostly guest (s) – Bayonetta, Solid Snake, Cloud … And while the man has many times left to hear that he would one day leave the development of this saga, this reflection seems today quite different if one believes an interview given to the English newspaper The Guardian. Masahiro Sakurai explains his role around the world Smash Bros.

Masahiro Sakurai could continue to develop Super Smash Bros

While Super Smash Bros Brawl was the latest episode of Masahiro Sakurai, the developer has finally planted on the next: Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Good news for fans of the franchise who find his dad at the helm. But after this future release Switch, the man will he continue to floor on this lucrative saga? According to an interview with The Guardian, the developer is thinking about it.

I was currently asked to create a Smash and that’s what I do. I will continue to do so if the request is there.

Understand that if players are enthusiastic – critical and sales – Masahiro Sakurai could continue to develop Super Smash Bros. games. This is good news for players who want to continue to see Super Smash Bros’s dad at the helm of this fighting game that brings together a bunch of characters from the Nintendo universe and prestigious guests. So let’s cross our fingers for success!