The US National Aerospace Agency has postponed the launch of the Delta IV Heavy rocket with the Parker solar probe for a day. 

The launch of the Delta IV Heavy with the solar probe Parker Solar Probe, scheduled from Cape Canaveral on August 11, was postponed for a day. This is reported by the website of the National Aerospace Agency of the United States (NASA).

“The launch is scheduled for Sunday, August 12, from the space launch complex – 37 at Cape Canaveral,” the report said. NASA predicts that favorable weather conditions for launching a missile with a probability of 60% will be at 3.31 am local time. It is noted that the transfer of the launch of the Delta IV missile to the probe was due to a lack of time until the end of the launch window. An unmanned probe should approach the Sun at a record-breaking distance to investigate the solar corona.

The crown is 300 times hotter than the surface of the Sun and throws out plasma and energy particles that can provoke geomagnetic space storms and cause serious damage on Earth, disrupting the operation of power systems. Outbreaks in the sun are poorly understood.