It is not enough for critics to break their films, according to Forbes, Wahlberg is the least profitable investment in Hollywood: all the dollars paid to him will only bring 4.40 back to the cinemas.

The protagonist of the Patriots Day earned $ 86 million between June 2016 and June 2017, more than the Boston bombing film altogether. Forbes has compiled the list based on the three actors’ three films before June 1, 2017, so Transformers 5 is not in the movies this summer – this will save Wahlberget from the edge of the 2018 list.

There are also no animated films in the list, they do not count as side effects, only the main characters, and the films that have been shown less than 2000 films. The revenue of the movies was calculated by, the sums paid for them by Forbes’ own 100th Celeber.

The second place was Christian Bale, largely on the “The Promise” on Armenian genocide, which was a lot of big money, spent $ 90 million more, but it did not even bring 10 million. Bale earns 6.70 for one dollar for the studios in it. On the third stage of the podium, Channing Tatum stands for $ 7.60, for example Logan Lucky did not come in. Then comes Denzel Washington, who did not have the Oscars nomination for The Fences if the viewers were not interested in the movie. Brad Pitt finished fifth.