Dwayne Johnson got it one time angry during the unveiling of his star on the Walk of Fame Wednesday. “Male tears, of course,” he joked on Twitter.

During the ceremony, the actor named the unveiling of his star “a powerful moment”.

He told me that his mother Ata had asked him if he had ever thought this possible. “I absolutely did not say” We were on the street when I was 15. We were evicted from our home and had to leave Hawaii, we were forced to move here, and now look at us. ”


Johnson was not only assisted by his mother during the ceremony in Hollywood, but also by his daughter and girlfriend Lauren Hashian. The couple announced earlier this week that the almost 2-year-old Jasmine gets a sister in the spring.

Johnson, who also has a 16-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, said: “All girls, one guy and a boy dog, I would not want it any other way.”