Marie Avgeropoulos (“The 100”) made a little tour by prison cell on August 5, 2018 after assaulting her boyfriend. The actress has still been released in exchange for a nice sum.

It is the site TMZ which reveals the information this Tuesday, August 14, 2018: according to our confrères, the Canadian actress Marie Avgeropoulos was arrested for acts of domestic violence the evening of August 5th.

The former of Taylor Lautner ( Twilight ) would violently fight with her current boyfriend, causing the intervention of the police. On arrival at the couple’s home, the police observed injuries on the body of the companion in question, but that’s not all. Marie Avgeropoulos was an alcoholic and also under the influence of medication, which partly explains her anger and violence.

The pretty brunette of 32 years is doing pretty well since our fellow Americans report that she was finally released after his bail, estimated at 50 000 dollars, was paid by … his darling. It is therefore not surprising that the latter will not complain.

Marie Avgeropoulos was revealed in the hit American series Les 100 , a post-apocalyptic show in which she has been playing Olivia Blake since 2014.