Faced with the loss of his mother at a young age, Prince William confided in what was most difficult during this tragedy.

On the night of August 31, 1997, Prince William’s life suddenly changed. At only 15 years old, the Duke of Cambridge experienced a real drama when he heard of his mother’s death in a tragic road accident in Paris. A very difficult moment to overcome for the husband of Kate Middleton as well as for the British, very affected by this death. A sudden disappearance that has also affected many people around the world. And for good reason, Princess Diana, to whom Prince William had made an ultimate promise , has always been considered a true icon during his lifetime. A fame that was very difficult for the older brother of Prince Harry at the time. In 2017, George’s dad had in fact confided in this drama in Diana, 7 Days , a documentary made by the BBC. In the latter, he revealed how he had difficulty accepting the sadness of other people after the death of Lady Di.

After the tragedy, Prince William had to participate in the procession by following his mother’s coffin in front of millions of people. A goodbye as upsetting as disturbing. “What was very special, but obviously very touching, was all those people crying, moans, weeping, and all those people who wanted to touch us, I was 15 years old and Harry 12. It’s impossible to It was very unusual, there was screaming, people were throwing flowers at us, they were screaming, sobbing, even fainting, but I did not understand why these people were crying so much and wanted to show such emotion when none of them knew our mother. Sometimes I felt very protective of my mother. I said to myself, ‘You did not even know her. Why are you so sad? ‘ Looking back and taking a step back, I learned to understand what she brought to the world but also to many people, “ he said at the time, but today Prince William has mourned and is inspired by Princess Diana to raise her three children.