The singer teaches her 9-year-old twins how to handle such situations.

Mariah Carey recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where she spoke again about her recently released autobiography The Meaning of Mariah Carey. The singer noted that she was reading the book to her nine-year-old children Monroe and Moroccan.

In her autobiography, Carey talks about the difficult times in her life and mentions the moments when she faced racist attacks. Mariah has a black father who divorced her mother when the singer was three years old. And the father of her twins is African American Nick Cannon.

I read to children about unpleasant incidents of racism in my direction. So they will understand what to do in such a situation. I faced discrimination since childhood and quickly got used to this struggle,

– said Carey on the air.

According to Mariah, her children have already faced racial bullying:

Rocky [Morrokan] was recently attacked by a white man whom he considered his friend. It’s just crazy what kind of world we live in.

Carey says that as a child, she was also bullied by girls whom she considered her friends. The singer noted that she read the moment of the book with this story to her daughter, and she supported her:

It was so sweet, she said, “Mommy, these girls are definitely regretting what they did. I’m sure now they would like to be friends with you. “