Margot Robbie

The actress revealed that in most scenes appeared in underwear, and also recorded with at least 30 men watching.

When actress Margot Robbie played the beautiful Naomi Lapaglia in the Martin Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street” she was only 23 years old. Now with five more, a solid career, a company of his own and the #MeeToo Movement alongside women, he has just learned that he was harassed while recording the tape.

The star told Porter magazine that the burning scenes were shot while more than 30 men saw her.

“You do not realize when you’re watching the movie, but actually we were in a very small room with 30 people from the team moving around me (…) And for 17 hours I had to pretend that he was touching me. It’s weird and you have to put aside the shame, the sense of ridicule and get involved, “he said.


“It’s crazy. I did not know what could be said: ‘I’ve been sexually harassed’, without anyone touching you, that you could say ‘this is not right’. I had no idea … Now I know what it is because I have investigated what sexual harassment consists of, how to be discriminated against for your work or financially, “she confessed.

In the film industry those were the hardest moments of his career. Being the wife of a sexual depraved as Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and dressing most of the time with only underwear catapulted her to fame, but led her to try their own limits.