A concert where the artist is late is not fun for anyone, but one Madonna fan is completely done with her diva behavior. Because she is always late for her Madame X concerts, the man has now filed a lawsuit against the pop star.

The concerts during the tour would normally start at half past eight, but Madonna (61) only came on stage hours later. That is why she suddenly decided to change the start times to half past ten. According to the fan, that is a bizarre time for a concert on Tuesday evening. He paid more than a thousand dollars for three tickets, which he says are now worth less because people don’t want to go to a concert that late.

The Queen of Pop also had to let performances fall due to a knee injury. Yet there are still thousands of fans who are eager to attend a concert of the Madame X tour. Reviews were lyrical about the singer’s comeback, and Taylor Swift was also a big fan after visiting a concert.