Madonna (61) launches a remarkable call on Twitter to Prince Harry (35) and Meghan Markle (38). “Come and live in my apartment in New York. The view is fantastic there, “she suggests the couple. 

The Queen of Pop wonders why, for God’s sake, Harry and Meghan moved to Canada. The two have nothing to look for there, according to the pop star. “It’s so boring there,” she says in the video. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are therefore allowed to move into her home in New York. “It is much nicer there. I would like to sublet my apartment in Central Park West. It has two bedrooms and the best view of Manhattan. The balcony is great, “she praises.

The question is whether Harry and Meghan are interested in that. The two chose Canada because of the peace and quiet and they probably won’t find it in New York.