Shannen Doherty (48) has again been diagnosed with cancer. The Beverly Hills, 90210 actress told Good Morning America Tuesday that the disease is in the fourth stage, which would mean that the cancer has spread.

“Why me?”

The 48-year-old Shannen, who also had breast cancer in 2015, was diagnosed a year ago but decided not to share the news with the media. “I still don’t want that. I still haven’t processed it,” she explains. “There are days when I say,” Why me? ” And then I think: “Why not me?”. Who else would deserve this besides me? Nobody deserves it. “

Despite her illness, the actress decided last year to take part in the Beverly Hills reboot, 90210. The recordings were heavy, mainly due to the death of colleague Luke Perry. “Why wasn’t it me,” Shannen thought of Luke who suddenly died of a stroke. “It was so strange to be diagnosed and someone who seemed completely healthy was the first to go. It was a total shock. The least I could do to honor him was that show.”

Shannen decided to go public with the news because of a lawsuit against her insurance company about the damage that her house suffered during fires last year. The actress thought that her illness would otherwise have become public in court. “I want people to hear it from me. I don’t want words to be twisted or written in a legal document. I want it to be real and authentic and I can determine how it is told. I want people to to know about me. “