Madonna (61) made a very remarkable offer to Dennis Rodman (58) in the 1990s. If the former basketball player would make her pregnant, she would pay him 20 million dollars, about 18 million euros, claims the colorful former top athlete in the radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’.

In the mid-1990s, Madonna and Rodman briefly formed a couple. The former NBA player says the singer found him interesting because he is a bad boy. And apparently Madonna would love to have a child at that moment in her life. “She asked if I wanted to ‘impregnate’ her and she would pay me $ 20 million.”

But it wasn’t possible to conceive, and Rodman wasn’t very sorry about that, he says. He then insinuated that Madonna then went to her fitness trainer Carlos Leon with the same offer. With him she had daughter Lourdes in 1996. Shortly thereafter, the relationship went wrong again.