Luis Fonsi is proud to sing in Spanish at the Grammy Awards

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Luis Fonsi is proud to be able to sound his mother tongue, Spanish, around the world when he sings “Despacito” at the Grammy Awards. What did Spanish live?

 Luis Fonsi is proud to sing in Spanish at the 60th Grammy Awards. His hit “Despacito” has already resonated Spanish, his mother tongue, around the world.

But singing in such a prestigious event brings an emotion. The artist who is at the top wrote his message on twitter partly in English and partly in Spanish. He will perform with his countryman Daddy Yankee, who feature on the title.

Luis Fonsi is happy to share the music of Puerto Rico

Luis Fonsi says he is happy that thanks to his song (on a rhythm reggaeton) and his video shot in the district of La Perla, he can introduce the world to the music of Puerto Rico and its roots. But the colorful district of Puerto Rico’s capital was completely devastated by a cyclone in September.

During his presence at the Grammy Awards, Luis Fonsi will not fail to make a friendly sign to his native island, which receives an impressive and growing number of tourists in search of the location of the clip! So, Fonsi is proud, but Puerto Rico too!

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