Bruno Mars: who is Cardi B, the singer presents on his duet “Finesse”?

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Cardi B explodes the records with her hits, she charmed Bruno Mars during their collaboration on the song and the remix clip of “Finesse”. But who is Cardi B?

Cardi B, the powerful rapper, has made headlines in the United States thanks to her flow and success. Born in 1992 in the southern Bronx, an underprivileged neighborhood, Belcalis Almanzar, her name in the civil registry, was raised by her grandmother before becoming an artist of the night.

But it’s rap, music in which she bathed, which is her goal. Her stint in a reality show, “Love & Hip Hop”, points it out. She can finally write and sing. His work power and professionalism impress his musical partners. And she joins the summits.

Cardi B: a diva look and a strong personality

Cardi B has an extravagant look: wigs, manicured extra long nails, divas outfits. But that does not stop him from retaining an ultra natural personality. She bluffed Bruno Mars when recording the remix of “Finesse”. ” Cardi! Do not let this crazy music industry change who you are. You have something you can not teach. You are a real star. 

And she proves it: she joins the Beatles and Ashanti in the guide of the records by cumulating the entry of three titles in the top 10 of the USA. She is ” without limit “, like the title of her last performance on stage with G-Eazy.

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