His new series has nothing to do with Pretty Little Liars.

Lucy Hale did not let much time pass between Pretty Little Liars and her most recent project, Life Sentence, a series in which she not only turned 180 degrees to what she had done for more than seven years, but also where she found love. 

“After eight years I knew I needed to do something totally different, I had to get out of the box,” he told Us Weekly. “I love Stella (her character in the new show), we need more female protagonists like her, she was given a second chance and is very optimistic, in the place where we are now, we need more positive energies.” 

In Life Sentence, Lucy gives life to a girl with terminal cancer who decides to live each day as if it were her last. However, when his cancer is healed, he discovers that his life has been a hoax. Her family, including her husband, have hidden harsh truths and made terrible sacrifices.

“She has a big heart, but it’s also a small mess, I can definitely identify with my purpose here, am I on the right path, do what I want, there’s also a family dysfunction issue, nothing seems simple. there is a love story, which I think is the fundamental part of the show, they are two people who know each other, they get married quickly thinking that they would have more time together, but now they realize that they do not really know each other “.