Although Tony Stark saved the world in the Marvel universe, a monument to the hero was erected in the real Italian city of Forte dei Marma. The author of the sculpture was Daniel Basso, who thus paid tribute to Iron Man.

The superhero statue stands on a pedestal, with which it reaches a height of four meters. With his creation, the sculptor wanted to not only highlight his beloved character among others, but also to remind people of the values ​​that Iron Man defended.

Tony Stark devoted his life to the struggle for the ideas in which he believed. He served us as a living reminder that we are the protagonists of our time and determine the future with our actions. We should all be heroes

– says the plate on the monument.

Internet users reacted to the news with humor. “Just imagine that after thousands of years, aliens will arrive on Earth and find this monument. Perhaps they will decide that this guy was a deity to us, ”one of them suggested. “Well, superhero comics are a kind of modern mythology,” another responded.

Iron Man is not the only hero in whose honor the monument was erected. In 2016, this honor was awarded to Captain America, whose bronze statue can be seen in New York, in Prospect Park. On its pedestal there is also a tablet with one of the phrases of Steve Rogers:

I am a simple guy from Brooklyn.