For several years now, there have been rumors on the network that between Emilia Clark, Keith Harington and Rose Leslie are not only friendships, but a real love triangle. And throughout this time, the actors did not cease to prove the opposite: they went on joint walks, Clark attended the wedding of friends, and recently went with Leslie to rest in India.

The other day, the star of the “Game of Thrones” shared a series of photos with a friend, with whom she experienced an exciting adventure.

Namaskar. This is not advertising, just two girls who went to India and were robbed by monkeys (we almost did not resist). During this time, I managed to read two books, do yoga, taste spices and realize that everything that you have ever been looking for can be found inside myself,

– wrote Emilia.

The actress supplemented the message with several hashtags, one of which was “Rose Leslie took control of my heart and soul.”

But no matter how often the actresses demonstrate strong friendships, the tabloids and insiders are not enough to stop mixing Clark and Harington. For example, while Keith was undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation clinic, some sources reported that it was Emilia who visited her friend while his wife had fun in London.