The figure from the Lewis Island chess set, which was considered lost, was found in Edinburgh. The figure, bought in the 60s for £ 5, put up for auction. According to the organizers of the auction, the current cost can reach £ 1 million.

The boat was acquired by an antiques dealer, whose name was not named, and he kept it for himself. After his death, a figure in the form of a warrior with a shield took his daughter and she was with her for many years, reports The Guardian . The son of this woman told reporters that she was very fond of this figure and believed that she was probably endowed with some magical properties. The boat was carefully kept in a special bag and removed from there very rarely.

Chess from Lewis Island – a set made in the Middle Ages (probably between the years 1150 and 1200). Presumably the authors were masters from Norway, part of the Gerbid archipelago, where the find was made, was previously part of the lands of the Norwegian crown. The set includes chess pieces and chips for a game similar to backgammon, as well as a belt buckle, a total of 93 items made from walrus tusk. Found by archaeologists in 1831. Partly kept in the British Museum, partly in the National Museum of Scotland. Scientists believe that there were four sets of chess pieces in the set, and 50 items in the museum collection are missing.

In March, a resident of the United Kingdom discovered Winston Churchill’s personal belongings , who was the prime minister of the United Kingdom in 1940-1945 and 1951-1955, at the dump , a cylinder, a cigarette case and a cigar. Examination confirmed their authenticity. How exactly these objects fell into the dump – is unknown.