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In August of this year,  rumors appeared on the net about Lindsay Lohan ’s romance with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,  Mohammed Ibn Salman Al Saud. Allegedly, the prince constantly flies to her on his private jet, carries on trips and gives expensive gifts. Then, anonymous insiders spoke in the comments to the news, which diverged. Some said: yes, they really know and “there is something between them,” others called this connection fabrications of the press. Lindsey’s father, Michael Lohan, who commented on the situation at the Angel Ball gala evening, decided to end the conversation.

They are just friends. They have a good, respectful, platonic relationship. Lindsay has many influential acquaintances in the Middle East, because she pays great attention to this direction. Lindsey met the prince during the work that she did while resolving issues with refugees in the region. For some reason, the press wants to see only the bad in everything, and no one writes about the enormous work that it does. 

The actress’s father was asked if he was worried that Lindsay was spending time with the man who was credited with the order to kill the famous Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Lindsay says he’s a good person. She feels safe. She knows what she’s doing and how to behave,”said Michael Lohan.

Over the past few years, Lindsay has lived in three countries: the UAE, where she deals with refugee issues, Greece, where she is actively developing her business, and the USA. This fall, Lindsay opens his new club in New York, so recently he has been spending more and more time at home.