37-year-old Kate Middleton ( Kate Middleton) by virtue of her membership in the royal family performs many duties. But there is a problem , which prevents her to attend some receptions.

The royal family is especially honored with horse racing. Representatives of aristocrats learn to ride horses from an early age , take part in competitions and observe them. Princes William and Harry enjoy attending such events. It turned out , that the wife of senior heir to the British throne in such cases does not in itself.

Once Kate noticed aside from the general fun – playing polo. They sat in a tent near the site of the main events. In response to a question by Australian writer Katie Lett about the reason for solitude, Middleton admitted her problem.

“ I will discuss the game in great detail later. I’m allergic to horses, ” Express said quoted by Kate . She never learned to ride a horse and has no particular affection for horses, unlike other members of the royal family.