Lindsay Lohan expected to finish the year quietly in Thailand, and despite a snake bite, she does not let go.

Who has not dreamed of spending the last days of the year warm, under the sun of a paradise setting? Lindsay Lohan is one of those, and to get away from all the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, to be calm after her complicated heart-stories, she decided to end the year in Thailand.

But there is one detail she had not thought of. The local wildlife might not have wanted to meet the actress. On a hike, Lindsay Lohan was attacked by a snake that bit her. Fortunately, the young woman did well and held out to reassure his fans on Snapchat.

”  I love this amazing and so beautiful place,  ” she says, filming the landscape, ”  except for the snake bite ,” she adds before filming her ankle where we can see several traces teeth of the reptile. ”  My shaman told me that it would bring me luck and positive energy, ” she concludes. So, how are you.