Wednesday, Jessica Chastain will be on the big game, a movie that talks about poker. And to get the role, the actress did not hesitate to play everything for the whole.

Jessica Chastain is beautiful, Jessica Chastain is a good actress but Jessica Chastain also has a lot of nerve! It is thanks to this that we will find her again in the movie poster Le Grand Jeu, this Wednesday, January 3rd. She will play Molly Bloom, a former Olympic skier who has retrained as a waitress before becoming the queen of illegal poker.

The pretty red-haired 40-year-old confides to Grazia magazine that she wanted so much to have the role that she went to the bluffing audition, just like her character. With great confidence and a bit of aggression, she sat in front of the director, Aaron Sorkin, and said, ”  Why did not you choose me? I am the perfect actress to play Molly.

A master stroke for the actress who is said to be rather shy in life and who does not really share the same values as Molly Bloom. ”  I do not like the idea of taking money from someone. And in life, I believe in work, not in luck,  “she explains. And it worked since the director did not believe his eyes. ”  Molly told me to give you the role …  “, he replied, stunned.