After years of (literal) radio silence, Lindsay Lohan (33) comes up with new sound waves. The actress has not taken on the role of singer in times, but on Instagram she shares the video clip for her comeback single Xanax.

“This clip is a compilation of moments in life”

Lindsay has been teasing the song Xanax on social media for months . And her fans couldn’t wait for the new music. The time has finally come: the actress has made her comeback as a singer. She does this by means of a video clip that she debuts exclusively via IGTV. However, it is not immediately what it seems. “This clip is a compilation of moments in life,” she explains. “Family, love, the process of progress and leaving things behind.” 

So it has a special cargo for the 33-year-old. “To live and be happy, completely free of all fear,” Lindsay continues. “Just to be thankful and open our eyes to see all the possibilities instead of numbing our minds.” The title of the song is a reference to the eponymous anti-anxiety drug from America. Moreover, Lindsay also seems to refer to her own drug history, for which she ended up in a rehab clinic several times. 

The last time Lindsay could be heard as a singer was at Dancephobia , a duet with Duran Duran. Her musical breakthrough came through the song Rumors and the accompanying CD Speak . Both were a huge success in 2004, mainly in the United States. Later she followed her debut album with a second LP, entitled A Little More Raw (Personal) and the single Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) .