Demi Moore told for the first time about a rape at the age of fifteen. According to the actress, the man who raped her said he had paid $ 500 to her mother. This is what the 56-year-old Moore says in an interview with Good Morning America .

She also talks about the event in her recently published book Inside Out . “It was rape and big betrayal. This became clear when the man asked,” How does it feel to be sold by your mother for 500 dollars? “

Moore’s mother was an alcoholic who took her teenage daughter to bars to grab men’s attention, but she doesn’t believe her husband paid her. “I don’t believe that deep down. But she did give him access to our home and put me in danger.”

For a while, Moore was the best-paid actress in Hollywood. She broke through with her roles in Blame It on Rio and St. Elmo’s Fire .