Lily Allen has a new job. The singer is working on a line of sex toys, she told this weekend during the promotion tour for her autobiography My Thoughts Exactly.

“Orgasms are important, ladies!”

According to Daily Star, the musician accidentally let the news slip. “I shouldn’t be talking about this,” she would have said. “I haven’t sent a press release about it at all.”

Lily sees great opportunities in the sex toy industry. She would have joked during the book signing that it was one of the few markets where there is still room for stars to set up their own line. “Many musicians dive into all sorts of things that nobody is interested in, but this is something I like to talk about. Orgasms are important, ladies!”

Earlier this year the singer already showed her love for the toys for adults on Instagram. There she showed her personal collection to her followers. “I’m not even kidding when I tell you that these toys have changed my life,” she said.