The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is committed to preserving the Kaveri River in India has gone down the wrong way with some environmentalists in the country. According to them, the Cauvery Calling tree planting campaign supported by Leonardo would be harmful to the environment. They therefore urge the actor to withdraw his support for the project, reports among others The Guardian.

“We have not said anything about planting trees in public areas”

According to an open letter from environmental activists to DiCaprio, planting trees on the banks of the river would cause the river to dry up and affect the ecological balance of the region.

However, the organization behind the Cauvery Calling campaign states that the concerns expressed by activists are out of place. “The campaign contains an extensive plan to plant trees on a private piece of agricultural land in the Kaveri area. We have not said anything about planting trees in public areas on the banks of the river,” can be read in a statement from the organization.