James Cameron’s Avatar has been at the top of the top grossing films of all time for nearly ten years. Only the finale of the Avengers this summer managed to shift adventure fantasy from first place. In anticipation of the release of Avatar 2, the whole world cares only about one question – can the sequel surpass the original? And if so, how. The director of a large-scale project shared his thoughts on this matter.

Will Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 be able to compete for success in the modern world? Who knows. We are trying. Maybe, yes, maybe no, but the main thing is that it’s still possible,

– said Cameron. He admitted that he was worried about the giant stream services that flooded our lives. It would seem who is now interested in going to the cinema if any content is available to everyone and you do not even need to leave home.

But all the director’s doubts disappeared after the release of the Marvel superhero action movie Avengers: Final. If films collect such an impressive box office around the world, then movie theaters are too early to write off. James Cameron is ready to regain leadership among the most successful blockbusters.

True, the audience will have to wait a long time for the premiere of Avatar 2, the release date was constantly pushed back and finally stopped on December 16, 2021. The action of the tape will unfold almost completely under water, for the sake of these scenes, the actors had to learn how to hold their breath for a long time. So, Kate Winslett set her own record and was able to not breathe under water for almost seven minutes.