The actor commissioned a scenario on the life of the genius.

Deadline reports that Leonardo DiCaprio commissioned scriptwriter John Logan to write a script adapted from Leonardo da Vinci’s biography (signed Walter Isaacson and soberly titled Leonardo da Vinci ). The idea would be to make it a vehicle for DiCaprio, who would embody the painter / scientist / inventor / philosopher / sculptor (do not throw away).

Logan, who stood out for the GladiatorSkyfall or Aviator scenarios, should get down to work while Leonardo DiCaprio will shoot Quentin Tarantino’s next film. Deadline says that the project – Appian Way product, of which Paramount offered the rights last year – is very special for Dicaprio: her mother chose her name when she was pregnant and was looking at an Italian museum. painting of Leonardo da Vinci. That’s when the future actor gave his first kick.

The book on which the script is based recounts a good part of the life of Leonardo da Vinci and tries to explain where he held his genius in multiple disciplines.