The bosom friendship of Johnny Depp (57) with his childhood buddy Leonardo DiCaprio (45) has ended, according to the Australian magazine ‘New Idea’. That would have everything to do with the lawsuit in which Johnny is involved with his ex-wife Amber Heard (34).

“He does not have to expect anything more from Leonardo, he is completely done with him”

The allegations Amber makes about Johnny are not only hard for his fans. Hollywood is also shocked by the bizarre scenes that would have taken place behind the scenes. It has long been known that the  Pirates of the Caribbean actor is not averse to a drink and some drugs, but the allegations Amber makes are unexpected. Johnny’s good friend Leonardo wants nothing more to do with him. 

Johnny and Leonardo starred in the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape together and have always maintained good contact. But the suggestion that the Titanic star has had an affair with Amber, as evidenced by the documents of her lawsuit against Johnny, does not go down well with him. Johnny would be furious that it could possibly be right. “Leonardo is angry that he is being drawn into this scandal between the two,” a friend told New Idea. 

Moreover, Leonardo would find it ‘terrible’ that he is involved in the lawsuit at all. “He doesn’t want anything to do with Johnny anymore, not in private or in front of the camera,” said the initiate. “He does not have to expect anything more from Leonardo, he is completely done with him. Just like all of Hollywood.” During the trial, however, Johnny did receive support from his former sweethearts Vanessa Paradis, Penélope Cruz and Winona Ryder.