Katy Perry, 35, has responded to allegations of sexual misconduct directed against her. In an interview with The Guardian, the American was asked about the allegations, but she was vague about it.

“I don’t respond to all the things said about me”

Katy was accused of sexual misconduct by her co-star in the clip of her song ‘Teenage Dream’. Josh Kloss says the singer has taken off his pants and underwear in front of a group of bystanders. Later a Russian presenter claimed that Katy had forced herself on her.

“I think we live in a world where everyone can say anything,” the singer responds when asked how she feels about the accusations. According to the singer, such stories are insufficiently researched before they are thrown out into the world. “I don’t want to say that you are guilty until proven otherwise, but there are no checks and balances.”

“I don’t respond to all the things that are said about me, because if I do, I would go well-off about my whole life.”